The Forever Song
The Forever Song
Author Julie Kagawa
Publication date April 15, 2014
Published by Harlequin Teen
ISBN 0373211120
Pages 393
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The Eternity Cure
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The Forever Song is the third and last novel of the Blood of Eden series.


The Forever Song begins with Allison, Kanin, and Jackal in hot pursuit of Sarren.  The evil master vampire plans to mutate the Red Lung virus to wipe out the rest of mankind and vampires alike, and they know he is headed to Eden to do so.  Along the way, Sarren leaves a trail of destruction for them to follow and painful messages scrawled in blood.  While Allison had always tried to hold onto that lingering vestige of humanity, Sarren pushed her over the edge.  Zeke’s death ossified the monster within.  She would do anything, kill anyone, to destroy Sarren.