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Eye Color:


Hair Color:

Dark Brown





Book of Death:

The Immortal Rules


Caleb (younger brother)


Ezekiel Crosse (Love interest)


Caleb, Ezekiel Crosse


Allison Sekemoto
Series Information

First Appearance:

The Immortal Rules

Last Appearance:

The Immortal Rules

Ruth is the older sister of Caleb who traveled with a group of other humans searching for Eden.


Ruth believes that Allison Sekemoto is a very suspicious person and is the first to find out that Allie is a vampire. She hates that Allie hangs around with her little bother, Caleb. Her suspicions surrounding Allie arose when she found out Allie was the one who found Caleb when he wandered away from the group. When Ezekiel Crosse agreed to let Allie join the group, Ruth said that Allie might be a thief or a pet or searching for blood slaves, and rudely questioned her about this. Allie attacked her when she found out she was a vampire. But when Allie and Zeke help her and the group escape from Jackal's territory, she kept asking everyone in the group to kill Allie so she dosen't hurt Caleb. Ruth believes that Allie is hanging around with Zeke so he would fall in love with her so she warns Allie not to seduce him because he's too important to be tied down with a girl like her. Ruth was killed by Rabids, as she was protecting her brother, Caleb.[citation needed]


Allison SekemotoEdit

Ruth was Allie's first choice to bite or kill because she thinks that Ruth is a "smug bitch" for trying to uncover her secret and have Jebbadiah or Zeke to kill her. Ruth hates Allie more then anyone else and trys to get her to leave by calling her a freak, vampire bitch and other threating names, some of which Allie believes to be true.

Ezekiel Crosse Edit

From the beginning it is obvious that Ruth has a crush on Zeke. However through the book, Zeke does not like Ruth as much as he likes Allison. In the end when she is dieing, she tells Zeke that she loved him.

Caleb Edit

Caleb is Ruth's little brother and she is very protective of him. She doesn't like how Caleb hangs out with Allie. In the end, she dies trying to save her brother from a rabid.