Allison's Rules of Survival are the eight statements she lived upon as a human. They were revealed in a blog tour. [1]


  1. Look out for yourself and your immediate family -- no one else.
  2. If you are eaten by vampires because you were dumb enough to venture out at night and get caught, it’s your own fault.
  3. Nothing good comes from a bloodsucker.
  4. If you steal my stuff, I will break your nose.
  5. Knowledge is power.
  6. Like my favorite book of all time, I wish, in my most secret moments, that I could find a hidden door that would take us all out of this place.
  7. My books are my most prized possessions.
  8. When you're starving, you can't be picky. That means eating anything--bugs, rats, moldy bread--to stay alive.
  9. Follow your head and gut, not your heart.


  1. Revevealed on Supernatural Snark's blog giveaway and review